000. Spring

It is interesting when you hear people singing the same song, but you know that there is something slightly off about it all. There is a certain cadence that has shifted – something that doesn’t ring true.

They’ve been building baffles into most of the buildings – these included but weren’t limited to spatio-temporal index tumblers to destabilise the local space, interfere with any Whether Reports, and render Cryptochrome Eyes ineffective. They knew that there was an invasion underway; that several people had been compromised.

When you were already discovering your world to be barely staying upright on shifting sand, you couldn’t afford to hesitate when it came to putting safety measures in place; when it came to working out your plan of attack.

There were many men stood about talking; many men stood around waiting to act. But there were some men who were already moving. Where the birds flocked, there were snipers ready to engage in a snipe hunt.

There were many names you might see these men under – Flowers, Reflow, Wolfers, Fowlers. They were known of by the President, but they were considered to be black-ops; off-book, however you wanted to characterise it. They would find out soon enough whether or not their preparations against The Nest were going to be enough; whether they were going be found wanting or not.

They had been developing what they called Bird Cages, along the same lines as The Needles, specifically designed for the Cuckoos and any other birds that they found. The Cages were built upon Faraday Cage principles, but they were also trans-temporal prisons, engineered by Reality Engineers who were happy to step into the back-flow to handle an issue that was threatening the underpinnings of reality.

There were rumours that PODs had been deployed in several areas. Print On Demands – clone factories that ran on a Peep And Repeat Cycle, that would takes pictures of everyone in the surrounding area and Cuckoo them. There were rumours that they had portable Cuckoo Spikes set up in the area – a kitchen for a cadre of Butcher Birds to move in and reverse-puppet reality.

These were interesting times, and there were not many people who wanted to live in these kinds of times.